This is Upsurance

The commercial insurance marketplace for the 21st century

With the technology to create a more intelligent solution, we pair leading UK insurance companies, MGAs and brokers to quote, bind and manage commercial insurance in record time.

  • Granular risk matching

  • Underwriter question sets

  • End-to-end automation

What we do

Risk matching

Our product appetite algorithm only presents underwriters with risks that match the pre-agreed appetite on a granular level. Bespoke question sets are allowed, thus significantly increasing conversion rates.

Rating Engine

The Upsurance marketplace builds out complex rating algorithms on behalf of insurers or connects with their back-office systems via API. This enables producing real-time quotes for a large portion of complex risks.

Policy fulfilment

The issuance of insurer branded quotation and policy documentation is automated by the platform to ensure immediate delivery directly to the broker. This includes policies that have been referred to an underwriter with updated endorsements.

Policy management

Brokers process all policy changes through the platform, which automatically issues updated documents and accounting entries. Historical records via a secure audit trail are maintained to ensure validation against potential claims.

Back-office integration

Upsurance integrates via API to existing back-office systems to transfer quote and policy details alongside accounting information to avoid manual rekeying or data upload.  Underwriting preferences and ratings can be obtained in the same way.

Access capacity

Direct access to relevant capacity is drastically simplified by automating the agency process and alleviating the need for minimum premium commitments. The required checks are conducted instantaneously by providing your company information.

Quotation request

Our technology is harnessed to make the risk submission journey as efficient as possible. Rekeying is avoided by connecting with back-office systems to transfer information or data extraction from manual risk submissions.

Policy fulfilment

All insurer branded quotation and policy documentation are available digitally within the platform for the policy’s lifecycle.

Policy management

Midterm adjustments and any changes to the policy during its lifecycle are completed through the platform. Reminders on upcoming renewals are auto-generated and reporting on all accounting transactions is done in a straight forward manner.

Customer Support

We are obsessed with delivering a seamless experience for our brokers. This means delivering on direct access to our team on any enquiry. Our team is here to assist you on every step of the way from a live demo to post policy fulfilment support.

Upsurance is the first insurance marketplace that leverages the most modern technology stack to effortlessly place and manage commercial insurance. Join the industry-leading players using Upsurance to transact insurance digitally today.

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