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Digital capacity access with end-to-end automated tools for the full policy lifecycle

Finding the right partner to place a policy with is not always straightforward often having to suffer with poor response times. We deliver a new, simple digital experience through one connected system.

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Our proprietary platform is used as a gateway for our broker partners to transact with insurers and MGAs underwriting standard and non-standard risks. Submissions are made through risk capture forms or by uploading risk presentations.

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Access capacity

Quotations are delivered on a contract certain basis including supporting policy wording and endorsement texts. We also facilitate the submissions of large and complex risks.

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Policy fulfilment

Our platform will automatically select the correct carriers based on their prescribed risk appetite and electronically submit a case to these insurers. You can directly message the underwriter in-platform, thus providing you with a direct connection for each policy.

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Bind policies

Policy documents are accessible in-platform at any time with a secure and viewable audit trail. Our platform also provides you with the flexibility to work on a net of commission basis.

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Policy management

Mid-term adjustments, renewals and cancellations are automated avoiding extensive delays for you and your customers.

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Commission sharing

We believe that everyone should be fairly remunerated and are transparent as to the gross commissions payable on any business placed through us.

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