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Last update: 17 December 2021

Upsurance's Cookie Policy

Why and who?

Upsurance Ltd. Reg. No. 12479444 ("Upsurance", "we", "us", "our") is using cookies and other tracking technologies ("Cookies") in order to improve your user experience.

This Cookie Policy ("the Policy") describes Upsurance's usage of Cookies by explaining what Cookies are, why we use them and how you can control the usage of Cookies when you use our service - We provide digital matching of brokers and capacity providers in commercial insurance to place and bind policies - and/or our Webpage www.upsurance.com (commonly referred to as "Webpage"). The Policy does not inform about the usage of Cookies that are essential in order to provide the Webpage and its services to you (so-called strictly necessary cookies).

In this Policy we overall describe how and the purposes for which we use your Personal Data as well as what lawful basis we use and what measures we take to protect Personal Data. We also provide information on how you exercise the rights you have linked to our Processing of Personal data.

For more information about how we process your personal data in relation to Cookies, see our Privacy Policy.

What are Cookies?

A Cookie is a text file that is sent from the Webpage and stored on your computer, cell phone or any other device that you use to visit the Webpage.

Cookies allow us to, amongst other functions, recognise the device you use next time you visit the Webpage, provide certain essential functions and to monitor user behavior on the Webpage.

How long is the Cookie stored?

There are two types of Cookies; Session cookies and Permanent cookies.

Session cookies are deleted when you close the browser (e.g. Internet explorer, Safari or Google Chrome).

Permanent cookies remains on your device after you have closed the browser. The Cookie will be stored for as long as it is indicated in the Cookie or until you remove it.

Upsurance's Processing of Personal Data

We have a responsibility to describe and demonstrate how we fulfil the requirements that are imposed on us when we Process your Personal Data. This section aims to give you an understanding of what type of Personal Data we Process and on what reasons.

We provide a platform for matching brokers to capacity providers. We therefore need to process your personal and business data to create a user account and match brokers with capacity providers.

Upsurance's usage of Cookies

We use the following types of Cookies:


These Cookies remembers your choices on the Webpage (e.g. username, language etc.) and tells us how you have interacted with the Webpage so that we can personalise our service.


These Cookies analyse how you use the Webpage and monitors the Webpage's performance. This helps us identify and manage eventual problems. A performance cookie can keep track of the traffic on different pages as well as the performance of the Webpage and give us information on how long it takes for a page to load.

Operation and optimisation

These Cookies help us ensure that the Webpage is working as it should. It also gives us information which allows us to test new ideas and improve the Webpage.


These Cookies help us increase security by preventing, detecting and managing harmful activities on the Webpage.


By collecting information on how you interact with the Webpage, these Cookies help us be more relevant in our communication with you and improve your experience.

These Cookies are often placed by a third party with the intent to handle performance for ads, show ads and / or build user profiles in order to display ads elsewhere.

Other tracking technologies

These techniques will help us understand how you use the Webpage. This can, for example, be a small, transparent picture that is embedded in a Webpage or in an e-mail and it collects data such as your IP-addres, information about your device, your location etc.

First party Cookies

First party cookies are set by the Webpage on your device and can therefore only be read by you or us.

Name: Type: Purpose: Duration:

Managing Cookies

When you visit the Webpage for the first time we ask for your consent to use non-necessary cookies. You can withdraw your consent at any time. If you no longer wish to store the Cookies you have accepted, you can go to your web-browser settings and accept, deny or remove cookies (usually under "Help", "Settings" or "Edit"). Note that you will likely not be able to use all services on the Webpage if you choose to deny Cookies.

Changes to this Policy

We reserve the right to make changes in this Policy. If a change affects our obligations or your rights, we will inform you about the changes in advance in order to give you the possibility to accept the updated policy.

More information about our obligations and your rights can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/data-protection-rights-for-data-subjects/data-protection-rights-for-data-subjects


Contact us if you have any questions about Cookies:


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