Service levels have been decreasing over the past years, but they don’t have to. With our marketplace, you are guaranteed a response to your enquiry and access to underwriters who actually want to write your risk.

For Brokers

Upsurance delivers the following solutions that address the biggest issues currently facing the broking market:

•  Submit risk information directly to an engaged underwriter

•  Gain direct access to new underwriters who have appetite for your exact risk

•  Live messaging with underwriters for policies that need negotiation

•  Enhanced service from the Upsurance Customer Support team

Risk submission and quotation

Upsurance’s platform significantly simplifies the way you submit your risks for both standard and non-standard risks



Upload your risk presentation

Automatically by the platform

Complete quotation request flow

By the underwriter with the matched appetite

Policy lifecycle automation

Our platform simplifies the ongoing policy management for the policy’s lifecycle. Renewals reminders are automated by the platform. You’ll be notified well ahead of time when your client’s policy is due for renewal and be given the opportunity to go to market or remain with the holding insurer

Upsurance is the first insurance marketplace that leverages the most modern technology stack to effortlessly place and manage commercial insurance. Join the industry-leading players using Upsurance to transact insurance digitally today.

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