Harness the marketplace to increase broker distribution with targeted new broker assessment and agency set up. Allow your underwriters to focus on risks with the highest likelihood of binding.

For MGAs

Our marketplace caters for nimble, growing and larger MGAs:

•  Service existing brokers more efficiently

•  Connect with new brokers via our assessment and agency setup tool

•  Launch segmented marketing campaigns by targeting brokers with relevant risks

•  Allow your underwriters to focus on what matters and eliminate trading inefficiencies

Risk matching

Product appetite algorithm presents risks that match your appetite and avoids you considering submissions which are outside your footprint

Underwriting dashboard

The underwriting dashboard allows underwriters to effectively trade by presenting the full details from the underwriting guide, while providing maximum flexibility to amend the premium and apply relevant endorsements

Policy lifecycle automation

Upsurance’s platform automates the issuance of branded policy documents, ongoing policy management for the policy’s lifecycle and API integration to existing back-office systems

Policy lifecycle automation

Upsurance is the first insurance marketplace that leverages the most modern technology stack to effortlessly place and manage commercial insurance. Join the industry-leading players using Upsurance to transact insurance digitally today.

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